Holy Mother

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Ho′ly Moth′er

honorific title of the Virgin Mary.
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God will reward her as she deserves and you, too, Senor, according to the disposition you bring to this great work which has the blessing (here he crossed himself) of our Holy Mother the Church.
It is salutary for our conscience and is recommended (he crossed himself) by our Holy Mother the Church.
Vows are the knots which tie us to Heaven they are the cords which bind the sacrifice to the horns of the altar, and are therefore, as I said before, to be unloosened and discharged, unless our holy Mother Church shall pronounce the contrary.
The old scholar and his daughter embraced, and the former said, "Truly the Holy Mother has done more than she promised, child, for she has give you a splendid marriage portion-- think of it, two thousand pieces of gold
Adieu, dear and kind friend; may our divine Saviour and His most Holy Mother keep you in their holy and all-powerful care!
So, I asked Potapitch where all these gentry had come from; for, thought I, maybe the Holy Mother of God will help our mistress among them.
It is a hardy question, fair sir and Boss, since it doth go far to impugn the wisdom of even our holy Mother Church herself.
But when the Christians came into power, when the holy Mother Church became mistress of the barbarians, she taught them the error of their ways by no such means.
To proceed, then," continued Cardenio: "all being assembled in the hall, the priest of the parish came in and as he took the pair by the hand to perform the requisite ceremony, at the words, 'Will you, Senora Luscinda, take Senor Don Fernando, here present, for your lawful husband, as the holy Mother Church ordains?
No, Dounia, I see it all and I know what you want to say to me; and I know too what you were thinking about, when you walked up and down all night, and what your prayers were like before the Holy Mother of Kazan who stands in mother's bedroom.
Whilst Fortified By The Rites Of Holy Mother Church and formerly of Kiltimagh, County Mayo and Brooklands, Jim aged 91 years R.
According to stories, the Holy Mother, wearing a white dress with a blue belt, a rosary in her hands, and two golden roses at her feet, appeared to a poor and sickly girl, St.