Holy Roman Emperor

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Noun1.Holy Roman Emperor - sovereign of the Holy Roman EmpireHoly Roman Emperor - sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire  
emperor - the male ruler of an empire
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A resultant foal will be bred on a variation of the famed Galileo-Danehill cross that has produced Frankel, as Holy Roman Emperor is a son of Danehill.
Aidan O'Brien always targets the National Stakes at the Curragh with one of his leading juveniles and Holy Roman Emperor bids to be the Ballydoyle trainer's seventh winner in the Group One event.
In August he formally abdicated as Holy Roman Emperor.
"That imaginative chap Charlemagne (forward-looking Holy Roman Emperor) stirred things up in the 9th century when Alcuin of York came up with a system of positurae at the ends of sentences (including one of the earliest question marks), but to be honest western systems of punctuation were damned unsatisfactory for the next five hundred years until one man--one fabulous Venetian printer--finally wrestled with the issue and pinned it to the mat.
Western ceremony, such as that employed by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, was likewise copied.
By conquest, papal and imperial intrigue or marriage it passed to Saracens who came from what is now Tunisia, then Normans, Holy Roman Emperor Hohenstaufens, Angevin French, Aragonese and the Spanish Bourbons.
Narrator B: Henry's request puts Pope Clement in a bind: Catherine's nephew, Charles V, is the Holy Roman Emperor. Charles, who conquered Rome, has the Pope at his mercy.
This young woman is an accomplished hunter, and so her transformation into a young man riding through dangerous territory to seek refuge with the Holy Roman Emperor in Paris is believable.
The 1,400 year old gem-encrusted gilt silver Cross of Justin II, 565-578 AD, originally a gift from the Holy Roman Emperor to the Pope, made with utmost care and reverence by the foremost goldsmiths of Constantinople as a reliquary, is regarded as the centrepiece of the Treasury of Rome.
He was crowned poet laureate by the Holy Roman emperor Frederick III at Nurnberg in 1487 (the first German to receive this honor).
In 1477 the French portions of Burgundy were absorbed by Louis XI of France, but the Holy Roman Emperor, who was now routinely chosen from the Austrian House of Hapsburg, took over the Low Countries (known today as the Netherlands and Belgium).
Frankish Italian ruler and Holy Roman Emperor. Principal wars: civil wars in Italy (889-924); Magyar raid (899).