Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday

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Holy Thursday

1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) another name for Maundy Thursday
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a rare name for Ascension Day
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Ascen′sion Day`

the 40th day after Easter, commemorating the Ascension of Christ; Holy Thursday.
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Noun1.Holy Thursday - the Thursday before EasterHoly Thursday - the Thursday before Easter; commemorates the Last Supper
Christian holy day - a religious holiday for Christians
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الخَميس المُقَدَّس، خَميس الغُسُلعيد الصُّعود
NanebevstoupeníZelený čtvrtek
Kristi HimmelfartsdagSkærtorsdag
Kutsal PerşembeMiraç günüPaskalyadan önceki Perşembe günü


(ˈhəuli) adjective
1. (worthy of worship or respect because) associated with God, Jesus, a saint etc; sacred. the Holy Bible; holy ground.
2. good; pure; following the rules of religion. a holy life.
ˈholiness noun
1. the state of being holy.
2. (with capital. with His, ~Your etc) a title of the Pope.
the Holy Father
the Pope.
Holy ˈThursday noun
1. Ascension Day.
2. Maundy Thursday.
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One Holy Thursday of all days in the almanack, we was here as we mid be now, only there was no churning in hand, when we zid the girl's mother coming up to the door, wi' a great brass-mounted umbrella in her hand that would ha' felled an ox, and saying 'Do Jack Dollop work here?--because I want him!
According to beliefs about this day, the souls of the dead who are in Heaven one the Holy Thursday are gathered.
And according to the Bible Diary, a publication of the Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., Lent ends on Holy Thursday, before the evening mass of the Lord's Supper.
On Holy Thursday, Father Orbos urged people to 'have a candlelit dinner with the Lord.
Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday, the Seven Last Words (12 p.m.) and Commemoration of the Lord's Passion (3 p.m.) on Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil Mass at 8 p.m.
Growing up in a highly conservative Roman Catholic family, you've probably experienced joining Visita Iglesia, which literally means 'church visit', on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.
Lessons we learned from Maundy Thursday !-- -- It is now Maundy or Holy Thursday, but at the start of the Holy Week we were shocked to learn that the world famous and biggest Gothic Church named after the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris was on fire.
On Holy Thursday, Francis will travel to the city of Velletri, south of Rome, to wash and kiss the feet of 12 inmates in a prison there to commemorate Jesus' gesture of humility toward his apostles on the night before he died.
* Holy Thursday, April 18: Morning prayer at 8 a.m.; Mass of the Lord's Supper (with incense) at 7 p.m.; and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament after the Mass until midnight.
The TUPAD would be for 30 days starting on March 25 excluding the observance of the Holy Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
ROME * Christian leaders, government officials and humanitarian organizations raised a cry in late January after Italy's anti-immigration interior minister ordered the closure of the Center for Asylum Seekers where Pope Francis celebrated Holy Thursday Mass in 2016 and washed the feet of refugees.