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(hɒm) ,




1. (Plants) a sacred plant of the Parsees and ancient Persians
2. (Plants) a drink made from this plant
[from Persian, from Avestan haoma]
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Lamu said Homa Bay residents only collected 42,000 land titles.
For instance, in Homa Bay both parties went for Nairobi-based lawyers.
The aim of this study was to analyze the level of insulin resistance using HOMA indexes in subjects with clear euglycemic values in basal conditions, as well as at the 120th minute of the OGT-test.
Homa expressed her thanks and appreciation for His Majesty the Sultan and the Government of Oman for facilitating her release.
Homa Hoodfar, the retired professor of Canada universities, who had been arrested in Iran has been freed for humanitarian reasons, including illness, and she returned to Canada through Oman," Qassemi said.
Homa Bay County urban sanitation sector has one sewerage network in whose infrastructure is currently being rehabilitated with funding from the World Bank through the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kenya.
Similarly, in this study, when HOMA-B was used as a measure of [beta]-cell function, we demonstrated that there was significant reduction (by ~70%) in newly diagnosed T2DM but not in pre-DM stage when analyses were not adjusted for insulin sensitivity, even in the fact that we calculated the HOMA index by using specific insulin to improve the methodological performance [30].
Only last week, the Jerusalem Municipality stated that the "planned construction of some 1,500 apartments in the capital's southeastern Har Homa neighborhood has been frozen.
On October 27, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave orders for the construction of 1,060 new housing units in two settlements in East Jerusalem; 660 new units in Ramot Shlomo, and 400 in Har Homa, in addition to an infrastructure project of 12 new settlement roads in the West Bank.
Ross Solar Group, a family owned and operated company that offers custom designed turnkey solar solutions to both commercial and residential customers throughout the Northeast USA, has completed installation for Connecticut-Based HOMA Pump Technology, a global manufacturer of submersible pumps.
Har Homa is a settlement neighbourhood in the southern sector of Arab east Jerusalem which was occupied by Israel during the 1967 Six-Day War then annexed, in a move not recognised by the international community.