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Noun1.home equity loan - a loan secured by equity value in the borrower's home
consumer credit - a line of credit extended for personal or household use
loan - the temporary provision of money (usually at interest)
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The locations will be staffed with at least one full-time residential loan officer who is fully trained in all aspects of home mortgage and home equity lending, and whose marketing and community outreach work is consistent with standards laid out in the agreement.
A full-service financial institution, Brookline Bank provides individuals and businesses with deposit and lending services, residential mortgages and home equity lending, commercial and CRE banking, cash management, merchant services, and access to investment services.
"When the mortgage bubble happened in 2008 people got scared of losing their homes, so home equity lending pretty much dried up," said Terry Vick, executive vice president and chief lending officer of Arkansas Federal Credit Union in Jacksonville.
Ranging from renovating a home kitchen to dental implants to building a pool, paying for college, getting out of debt, or installing a new roof, the brochure was not only award-winning but effective, enabling Texas Trust to grow its home equity lending portfolio.
Recent market interest rate increases have impacted both loan yields, particularly home equity lending products that feature interest rates that reset based on the prime rate, as well as funding costs.
Rosedale provides everyday banking services to the communities where it has branches, including checking, savings, online banking, mobile banking, mobile deposit, mortgage lending, home equity lending and more.
* Home equity lending isn't going anywhere, even with the tax bill.
And the traditional home equity lending market has been open primarily to borrowers with good credit.
Now, with a resurgence of home equity lending, they're ready to pay for the best.
REUTERS NEW YORK CITIGROUP Inc has agreed to change some of its home equity lending practices and let borrowers whose credit lines were suspended or cut to challenge its actions or recover some fees.
The overall amount of home equity lending that has been extended is highly correlated with home prices, but the figures are complicated by the unknown extent to which funds have been drawn from available credit lines.
What the Fed should have done was to take every action possible -- cut the federal funds rate by more than 50 basis points, reduce the discount rate even more, and make it clear that it would continue pumping liquidity into the system as necessary to free up the credit markets -- to get out ahead of the "other shoe to drop" in response to falling housing prices and poor underwriting standards: the coming home equity lending debacle and its effect on consumer credit availability.

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