Home ruler

one who favors or advocates home rule.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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He added: "He was an Irish Nationalist, a home ruler, a trade unionist and socialist who believed the world war would finally give the downtrodden their chance."
Libertarian has since shown his York win was no fluke by chasing home Ruler Of The World in the Derby.
It was presided over by the Reverend Canon O' Sullivan, the Vicar General of St Chad's, who was a committed Home Ruler. He spoke on this subject, after which there were other speeches.
But in other respects, as Regan-Lefebvre observes, his life was an exceptional one for a Victorian Irishman: 'he was a member of a religious minority, a businessman in a largely agrarian economy, and a home ruler who rejected ethnic nationalism' (p.
He became a champion of Gaelic, a defender of the crofters, and a Home Ruler (while also supporting the British Empire).
Because he could be such a seeming contradiction--the Catholic champion who was despised by the Quebec bishops, an Irish Home Ruler who ardently defended the British Empire, the perfectly bilingual bishop who had no use for bilingual education--Fallon's historical reputation remains something of a riddle.
In much of his autobiographical writing, Louis portrays his childhood as a socially isolated and lonely time, made more difficult by the fact that his father was both a Protestant bishop as well as a Home Ruler. Louis's assessment of his father's Nationalist credentials, which is outlined most notably in his autobiography The Stings are False, has been largely accepted by MacNeice scholars who have understood Frederick's MacNeice's striking political stance as a contributing factor to the poet's sense of being a "displaced person." However, David Fitzpatrick, in his new biography of Frederick MacNeice, is significantly more sleptical of Louis's portrayal of his father's political perspectives and the poet's representation of his childhood life in Carrickfergus.
In politics he moved through the full spectrum, from Imperial Unionist, to Liberal, to Home Ruler and by the last years of his life, to uncompromising Irish Republican.
Freeman, another Oxonian and ironically, a Home Ruler,
Andrew Marr, born and bred a Scotsman and proud to declare himself a 'Home Ruler', earns a living as a London-based journalist with The Independent and The Economist (inter alia).
Winner of the Dante Stakes at York in May, the colt outran his odds at Epsom when chasing home Ruler Of The World, finishing as well as anything under William Buick.
For instance, the Home Ruler of 1912 Padraig Pearse became the revolutionary of 1916 while the revolutionary Gerry Adams of 1972 has adopted the methods of constitutional politics in recent years.