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v. home·schooled, home·school·ing, home·schools
To instruct (a pupil, for example) in an educational program outside of established schools, especially in a home.
To provide educational instruction in a homeschool.
A school operated outside established educational institutions, especially in a home.

home′school′er n.


(ˈhoʊmˌsku lɪŋ)
the practice of teaching one's own children at home instead of sending them to school.
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A private or home school student who wants to set up an ILP should log in on kheaa.
Earlier, on the first day of the tournament on Saturday, BVS Parsi School stole the limelight by bagging 7 of the 15 positions on offer, with Arts and Science Academy bagging 4 and Happy Home School following suit with 2.
Black III, senior counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association, which has close ties to local Christian home-school associations.
The questionnaire was emailed to the site manager of the website for the local Home School Association.
Note, Changing Our Perspective: How Presumptive Invalidity of Home School Regulations Will Further the State's Interest in an Educated Citizenry, 14 REGENT U.
The State Legislature, to this end, passed the education code requiring parents to either send their children to private or public school, or home school them through one of the following three options: 1) establish themselves as a small, private school, 2) hire a credentialed tutor, or 3) enroll children in an independent study program run by an established school.
18) While efforts are being made at state and district levels to accommodate the growing number of families who choose to home school, the amount of enthusiasm on the part of both families and the education community varies tremendously.
Despite knowledge about the growing numbers of families choosing to home school, limited empirical data exists about home school education curricula.
Throughout history, families have chosen to home school their children.
Parents have the right to home school their children, but they receive no financial support for education from the state if they do so.
My family chose to home school for curriculum enrichment and acceleration opportunities.
For this reason, he considers academic and socialization outcome measures essentially irrelevant for a large percentage of home school families.