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v. home·schooled, home·school·ing, home·schools
To instruct (a pupil, for example) in an educational program outside of established schools, especially in a home.
To provide educational instruction in a homeschool.
A school operated outside established educational institutions, especially in a home.

home′school′er n.


(ˈhoʊmˌsku lɪŋ)
the practice of teaching one's own children at home instead of sending them to school.
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Unschooling Paradise provides a variety of resources for parents including blog posts to gain insight into how to home school children such as books, activity ideas and a look into the day in the life of a home schooled child.
Figures released by Kirklees Council show that in 2004/05, 106 children were registered as being home schooled.
My parents) definitely support me in that and I'm lucky they supported me in going to a regular high school too, because I was home schooled before," she added.
By being home schooled in between the transfer, his eligibility came under a state law that makes Balou ineligible for the 2009-10 season, as well.
Describing the environment of a home schooled house and how it differs from the everyday home, Melin speaks on education and parenting, and comes forth with much wisdom.
There is also statistical evidence that home schooled children fair much better academically than traditional public school students.
In motocross, where an elite-level I3-year-old can earn over $100,000 a year, 90 percent of minors are either home schooled or dropouts.
The findings in the lower court trial were that all eight children in that family had been home schooled, solely by the mother, and the court opined that the quality of the education they received was "lousy," "meager," and "bad.
It will be harder for home schooled children later on in life.
The script stated that the fictitious terrorists were a group of home-schooling radicals labeled "Wackos Against Schools and Education" who believed everyone should be home schooled.
In Kentucky, for example, the regulations require that parents register their children as home schooled.
My parents home schooled me up to high school graduation.