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a.1.Receiving or having received formal education, especially primary or secondary education, at home rather than in a school. The instruction at home may be accomplished by parents or by professionals who come to the home; as, home-schooled students often get higher test scores than those educated in schools.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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[USA], May 24 (ANI): The concept of home-schooling is getting a widespread recognition today, and a new study has put forth that the years spent in home-schooling, doesn't seem to affect the general well being of children.
Home-schooling certainly isn't new, but it is growing in popularity
While home-schooling can be a truly enriching experience for a child, as a mother I would not opt for this option when it comes to my future kids.
In contrast to the demographic patterns seen with private and parochial school parents, home-schooling rates are below the national average for parents with postgraduate education (2%) or higher household incomes (2%).
The children can also sign up for special activities and classes (for example, in sports and music) of the home-schooling institution, or other groups.
In a sense, home-schooling is the oldest form of education in America.
In addition to the demographics, the primary motivations to choose home-schooling were also examined between the regional sample and the national sample.
"Home-schooling depends on the circumstances but remember, education is not just about passing exams - it's also about experience and interacting with children from other homes and backgrounds.
In June 2009 the family court finally held a hearing to decide the home-schooling dispute.
While the committee says that registering for home-schooling should remain voluntary, it remains to be seen if this has any impact on the Government's plans to introduce compulsory registration.
Indeed, home-schooling families now enjoy a high level of public support and admiration as well as generally positive press.