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1. Chemistry A close similarity in the crystal forms of unlike compounds.
2. Mathematics A continuous bijection between two topological spaces whose inverse is also continuous.

ho′me·o·mor′phic adj.


(ˌhəʊmɪəˈmɔːfɪzəm) or


1. (Chemistry) the property, shown by certain chemical compounds, of having the same crystal form but different chemical composition
2. (Mathematics) maths a one-to-one correspondence, continuous in both directions, between the points of two geometric figures or between two topological spaces
ˌhomeoˈmorphic, ˌhomeoˈmorphous, ˌhomoeoˈmorphic, ˌhomoeoˈmorphous adj


(ˌhoʊ mi əˈmɔr fɪz əm)

a mathematical function between two topological spaces that is continuous, one-to-one, and onto, and the inverse of which is continuous.
ho`me•o•mor′phic, ho`me•o•mor′phous, adj.


the similarity of the crystalline forms of substances that have different chemical compositions. — homeomorphous, adj.
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Closely related, and in fact locally homeomorphic, are deformation spaces of locally homogeneous geometric structures.
The column is homeomorphic, with no radices or radice sockets and no obviously distinguishable nodals or internodals.
2]: any homogeneous space is homeomorphic to some set of points of real Hilbert space.
xi](N), where the former is homeomorphic to a disk and is denoted by in(N).
2]) is also a homeomorphic mapping, then both the linear structure and the strong topological structure are the same on these two spaces.
the mathematical underpinnings of DBMSs, complement programming languages with three essential characteristics: 1) a data model offers set-oriented operations to update and query data, 2) each operation always terminates, and 3) like a data type, a data model is a language homeomorphic to an algebra, i.
A simple algorithm for homeomorphic surface reconstruction, in Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry (Clear Water Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong, June 12-14, 2000).
Moreover, if X is a finite set with n+ 1 points, then P(X) is homeomorphic to an n-dimensional cube (see [20]), hence it has positive curvature or, perhaps more correctly: non-negative curvature, since the cube is flat except at the vertices.
The topics include the isotopy of links, most knots are wild, infinite cyclic coverings, some curious involutions of spheres, two complexes that are homeomorphic but combinatorially distinct, uses of the fundamental group, and a unique decomposition theorem for three-manifolds.
These three points need to be connected and followed for a homeomorphic translation to follow its course.
For the purpose of that discussion, Shiva's self-consciousness and Jesus' self-consciousness are incommensurable because "the homeomorphic equivalence of Christ would not be Shiva but his sakti ('energy, power').
The author's mastery lies in the way in which these otherwise mundane personas manage, nevertheless, to draw our interest from the very start, either because a kind of Lacanian homeomorphic identification takes place between them and the average reader, or perhaps because the microcosmic vicissitudes of daily existence become absorbing material upon close observation and flashback explanation.