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or home site  (hōm′sīt′)
A tract of land where a house has been or is planned to be built.


(Building) US and Canadian a site for building a house on



1. a plot of land for a house.
2. the house on such a plot.
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The County assessed the remaining acre upon which the homesite was located at market value.
CHARLOTTE COUNTY COMMUNITY MAP PRODUCT PRICE CREEKSIDE 18 Single-family From the 9994 Bishop Creek Way, Punta Gorda, Condominium $110s FL 33950 Town Home Homesite DEEP CREEK H7 Single-family From the 2218 Rio de Janeiro, Punta Gorda, Condominium $150s FL 33983 (941) 235-1963 Town Home www.
Because the homesites are so varied and unique in this portion of The Tree Farm, each architect team has been asked to design a home to showcase their chosen homesite's special attributes while also displaying the architect's individual style and talents.
In spite of the initial strides made by companies such as Winterthur, Allstate, Homesite and R13K, there's clearly much to do.
Worldwide Computer Products News-24 October 2001-Macromedia introduces new version of HomeSite software (C)1995-2001 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Four of the most popular are Netscape's Composer, Adobe's PageMill, Allaire's HomeSite and Microsoft's FrontPage.
the leading Managed Insurance Services provider for the property and casualty (P&C) industry, today announced that Homesite Group, Inc.
Homesite worked with a software vendor to integrate multiple system platforms to create an efficient and accurate underwriting system.
Whether in a planned community or on a select homesite on exclusive waterfront properties, discerning homeowners are seeking the area's most respected and sought-after homebuilder to design their custom dream home.
Builder Homesite launches new Home Power Portal for Women, an innovative DIY community site with enhanced content, social networking tools, and home experts
The Sim family bought a homesite at The Bluffs in 2007 and plans to visit again for the Spring event.
The buyer may acquire the entire estate or any configuration of three pieces: manor home, carriage home and an additional one-acre homesite.