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or home site  (hōm′sīt′)
A tract of land where a house has been or is planned to be built.


(Building) US and Canadian a site for building a house on



1. a plot of land for a house.
2. the house on such a plot.
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The homesite was acquired for $60,000 in November 2000 from Robert Evans Jr.
The homesite was bought for $69,000 in April 2004 from Richard Harp Homes Inc.
lakeviews around two takes are available * Homesite
The homesite was purchased for $113,000 in March 2004 from Hickory Valley Ltd., Hickory Creek Ltd.
The homesite was bought for $90,000 in September 1987 from River Ridge Corp., led by Brad Walker.
"During our private preview, hundreds of potential homebuyers visited the community eager to take advantage of their priority opportunity to reserve a homesite and select a design in our initial housing phase."
Whether in a planned community or on a select homesite on exclusive waterfront properties, discerning homeowners are seeking the area's most respected and sought-after homebuilder to design their custom dream home.
The homesite was purchased for $50,000 in December 2003 from Rocket Properties LLC, led by Ron Tyne and Baker Kurrus.
The homesite was bought for $185,000 nearly two years ago from Deltic Timber.
The homesite was purchased for $193,000 in September 2001 from R.B.
An adjacent two-acre homesite is also available, located immediately behind Casa Royale.
The homesite was bought for $130,000 in October 1995 from the Alex Golden Trust and Amy Golden Trust.