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n.1.Place of a home; homestead.
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Grant's very great kindness, it was impossible for him and his horses to be accommodated where they now were without material inconvenience; but his attachment to that neighbourhood did not depend upon one amusement or one season of the year: he had set his heart upon having a something there that he could come to at any time, a little homestall at his command, where all the holidays of his year might be spent, and he might find himself continuing, improving, and perfecting that friendship and intimacy with the Mansfield Park family which was increasing in value to him every day.
O'Hagan, pictured right, 60, of Homestall Road, Norris Green, tried to register his company for VAT to cover up the crime.
(17.) Blackstone explained: "And if the barn, stable or warehouse be parcel of the mansionhouse, though not under the same roof or contiguous, a burglary may be committed therein; for the capital house protects and privileges all it's [sic] branches and appurtenants, if within the curtilage or homestall." 4 WILLIAM BLACKSTONE, COMMENTARIES *220, *225.