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Noun1.Hominidae - modern man and extinct immediate ancestors of man
mammal family - a family of mammals
Anthropoidea, suborder Anthropoidea - monkeys; apes; hominids
hominid - a primate of the family Hominidae
genus Homo - type genus of the family Hominidae
Australopithecus, genus Australopithecus - extinct genus of African hominid
genus Plesianthropus, Plesianthropus - former name for the genus Australopithecus
genus Sivapithecus - extinct primates; lower Pliocene
Dryopithecus, genus Dryopithecus - genus of Old World hominoids; Miocene and Pliocene
genus Ouranopithecus, Ouranopithecus - a genus of Hominidae
genus Lufengpithecus, Lufengpithecus - a genus of Hominidae
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This find significantly enables to take a step forward in the understanding of the origin of our own family, the Hominidae.
The second surprise provided by Lluc is that it enabled to solve two key questions regarding the origin of our family: what group it is derived from, and which is the geographic area where the family Hominidae originated.
A "HOMINID" is an animal of the family "Hominidae" which includes man and many of our close, now extinct, two-footed ancestors.