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a.1.Like a home or a home circle.
Quiet, cheerful, homish hospital life.
- E. E. Hale.
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The scale has been translated into Chinese and has been widely used in China (Mollica, Underwood, Homish, Homish, & Orom, 2016).
Research suggests smokers are more likely to attempt quitting and maintain short-term abstinence if their partners are nonsmokers (Dohnke, Weiss-Gerlach, & Spies, 2011; Dollar, Homish, Kozlowski & Leonard, 2009; Duckworth & Chertok, 2012).
Pesquisa conduzida por Smith, Homish, Leonard e Cornelius (2012) destaca a importancia de se discutir a mutualidade na identificacao das condutas de violencia entre parceiros.
However, Leonard & Homish (2005) found that when married, female marijuana users were more likely to exert influence on their male partner than vice versa: men had the tendency to start using marijuana if their spouse used, and men were also more likely to stop using if their wives were not users.
Homish & Leonard, 2005; Rohrbaugh, Shoham, Skoyen, Jensen, & Mehl, 2012).
20 Kachadourian LK, Homish GG, Quigley BM, Leonard KE.
Georgia's government will do everything possible for Georgian Armenians to feel homish in Georgia, Prime Minister
In another setting, Homish and Leonard (2008) conducted a longitudinal study in which 634 couples assessed the impact of one partner's health behavior on the other.
The burning, which destroyed five dunums of cultivated land, took place near Jenin on land that used to be controlled by the Homish settlement but was returned to Palestinians in 2005.
Even though problem drinking is common among DWI offenders, specific rates across studies exhibit wide variability (Stasiewicz, Nochajski, Homish, 2007).
Numerosos estudios (De Wilde, Broekaert y Rosseel, 2006; Leonard y Homish, 2008; McLellan, Cacciola, Alterman, Rikoon y Carise, 2006; Torrens Melich, 2008) indican que el uso de sus tancias implica problemas en otras areas de la vida ademas de la salud, tales como los ambitos social, familiar, legal, etc.