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n.1.A small eminence of a conical form, of land or of ice; a knoll; a hillock. See Hummock.
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1992 MANCHINEEL Hippomane mancinella, 1993 Watson Hommock, Fla.
She has held leadership positions as the PT Council President from June 2010 to June 2011 as well as Co-Presidents of Mamaroneck High School, Hommocks Middle School and Central School, all of which are part of the Mamaroneck School district.
Bright Elementary School, Los Angeles -- Donald Scott Tedesco, 5th/6th grades, Hommocks School, Larchmont, N.
On Saturday, September 22, the whole family can participate in the International Coastal Cleanup and be part of a worldwide effort, by helping clean up the Conservancy, as well as Manor Beach and the Hommocks Conservation Area.
8 million construction project, located at the intersection of Hommocks and Boston Post roads, is scheduled to begin this summer, with completion expected by fall 1993.