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n. pl. ep·i·tax·ies
The growth of the crystals of one substance on the crystal face of another substance, such that the crystalline substrates of both substances have the same structural orientation.

ep′i·tax′i·al adj.


(ˈɛpɪˌtæksɪ) or


(General Physics) the growth of a thin layer on the surface of a crystal so that the layer has the same structure as the underlying crystal
epitaxial, epitaxic adj


(ˈɛp ɪˌtæk si)

n., pl. -tax•ies.
the growth of crystalline material of one composition upon the surface of a crystal of another composition.
[< French épitaxie (1928); see epi-, -taxy]
ep`i•tax′i•al, adj.
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Noun1.epitaxy - growing a crystal layer of one mineral on the crystal base of another mineral in such a manner that its crystalline orientation is the same as that of the substrate
growing - (electronics) the production of (semiconductor) crystals by slow crystallization from the molten state
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Topics include light emission in aperiodic Thue-Morse dielectrics, development of a SiGe quantum cascade laser, electric force microscopy of individually charged silicon nanoparticles, surface cusp formation in silicon homoepitaxy, and optical activation of nanowires using Er-doped sol-gel derived silica.
The preponderance of the iPP crystalline phase in both matrix and robber materials rendered the study of epitaxy more difficult since the recrystallization of the robber phase during cooling would be controlled by the homoepitaxy of iPP, which does not yield new reflections on the electron diffraction patterns.