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a.1.(Biol.) Same as Homotypal.
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Homotypic interactions may play an important role regarding the mode of action of MMP induction since it has been shown that recombinant CD147 fusion proteins can interact homotypically (23).
The use of subunit vaccines may decrease as the realization of reduced protective windows, the necessity for conjugation and repeated boosting plus the homotypic effect of many such vaccines is seen as less desirable in the face of challenge with live, attenuated organisms or genetic vaccination.
According to researchers, early signs of BD can fall into a relatively characteristic "homotypic" pattern, consisting mainly of symptoms or other features associated with mood disorders; or a "heterotypic" pattern of other symptoms including anxiety and disruptive behaviour.
In mouse cells, the HSV R1 protein interacts with receptor interacting kinase 1 (RIP1) and RIP3 via their RIP homotypic interaction motifs (RHIMs) which is also present in the N-terminal region of HSV R1, and this interaction ultimately leads to formation of necrosomes and death of the infected cell.
[21] have reported that CEA functions as a homotypic intercellular adhesion molecule, and so cells expressing this glycoprotein may have greater invasive potential.
The indicated BB loop has been described to be surface-exposed and essential for homotypic TIR-domain interactions in TLR/IL-1R signaling [77].
have used FluidFM-based SCFS to compare both homotypic (between MCF7 breast cancer cell line) and heterotypic adhesion forces (between MCF10A breast cancer cells and nontumorigenic HS5 cells).
When FADD or caspase-8 is inactivated or absent, RIPK1 and TRIF include a RIP homotypic interaction motif (RHIM) domain that permits RIPK3 activation via RHIM-mediated interactions.
Crestani, "Involvement of type 1 angiontensin II receptor (AT1) in cardiovascular changes induced by chronic emotional stress: comparison between homotypic and heterotypic stressors," Frontiers in Pharmacology, vol.
Sanes, "MEGF10 and MEGF11 mediate homotypic interactions required for mosaic spacing of retinal neurons," Nature, vol.
Specifically, this involved comparing the function of heterotypic INS-1 and NG10815 pseudoislets and homotypic INS-1 pseudoislets in vitro.