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See Henan.


(Textiles) (sometimes capital) a silk fabric of rough weave
[C20: from Honan, former name of Henan, where it is made]


(Placename) a variant transliteration of the Chinese name for Henan



also Honan

a province in E China. 90,270,000; 64,479 sq. mi. (167,000 sq. km). Cap.: Zhengzhou.
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There was a particularly pronounced exodus in Clare over the winter with Darach Honan, Brendan Bugler, Conor Ryan, Colin Ryan and 2013 captain Patrick Donnellan all retiring for various reasons.
A descriptive account of Stage 1 of the project, 'Surveying the field: Primary school teachers' conceptions of the literacy capabilities of recently graduated primary school teachers' was published as Exley, Honan, Kervin, Simpson, Wells and Muspratt (2016) and is available on https://www.
Our first quarter results were as expected and we remain on track to deliver our 2017 financial guidance," said Dave Honan, Quad/Graphics EVP and CFO.
As teacher educators as well as academics who research in areas related to the teaching of English and literacy, Eileen and many of her colleagues worry about these questions and are constantly adapting and changing course materials and teaching approaches in the hope of responding to some of the concerns raised in the debates surrounding these questions (see Honan, Exley, Kervin, Simpson, & Wells, 2013).
It will, for the first time in America, display Arts and Crafts metalwork, textiles, bookbinding, woodwork, and illumination from the collection of the Honan Chapel in Cork City.
Honan,'' explained Bettie Colombo, Asurion's senior marketing director.
Brian Honan is an independent IT security consultant.
Jing Chen, Jill Mangone, Linda Honan, and Arthur Zeckendorf
Richard Phillips Honan, 59, fraudulently reclaimed the money by submitting the returns supported by fake invoices.
The U-21 ace wasn't even named to start - but replaced Darach Honan and proved the unlikely game-breaker.
It was at this stage that Krebs remembered a fellow journalist, Wired's Mat Honan, who was also (http://www.
Davy Fitzgerald may be without Conor McGrath, Cian Dillon, Nicky O'Connell, Darach Honan and Brian O'Connell but he has a pretty strong panel and they should be able to cope in their absence.