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Old MacPherson said he could work ut by hond, but very slow ot thot.
I wull see the father an' hove the money ready tull hus hond, so uf I'm ot sea he can buy whenever the land offers."
"I wull see the father," he said, "an' hov the money ready tull hus hond so uf I'm ot sea when the land offers he wull no muss the chance tull buy.
'Is there ony genelmen there as can len' a hond here?
Here, can't ye len' a hond? Dom it, I'd ha' dean it if all my boans were brokken.'
Recent research emphasizes the strategic importance of aligning CPA and CSR within non-market strategy and the risks associated with contradictory or conflictual market and nonmarket strategies (Den Hond et al.
Although the initial study found later pubertal development with higher serum non-dioxin-like PCBs among 80 boys (Den Hond et al.
So far, three instances of batteries overheating and causing fire burns to PCs have come forward from China, Hond Kong and Japan, the report added.
interrogans serovar Canicola (strain Hond Utrecht IV; from AHVLA, UK) were prepared by inoculation of 20 mL EMJH (Becton Dickinson, USA) media with 1mL pure culture (passage number 1) and incubated for 7 days at 30[degrees]C with orbital agitation at 50 rpm.
Eight out of 10 Dutch people think the Netherlandsa borders should remain closed to people from Bulgaria and Romania from next year, according to a Maurice de Hond opinion poll for the Socialist Party.
Al Jazeera's Mariana Hond, reporting from the court, said that the families of the victims had "a very profound reaction" to the verdict, with most describing feelings "of elation and relief".
"They believe that justice has been served (...) and the right people have been found guilty," reported Hond.