Honey locust tree

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(Bot.) a tree of the genus Gleditschia ) Gleditschia triacanthus), having pinnate leaves and strong branching thorns; - so called from a sweet pulp found between the seeds in the pods. Called also simply honey locust.

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To add insult to injury, the buck next walked north until it reached an overhanging branch protruding from a honey locust tree where I had a stand last year (but not now), and proceeded to make a scrape.
THE sunburst honey locust tree Gleditsia is an excellent lawn tree and its light golden canopy doesn't cast heavy shade, making it a useful plant for a sunny border and even a container in a hot spot.
REFRESHED PLANTINGS Overgrown pines and shrubs were replaced with a "veil" of multistemmed aspens along perimeter walls, while an existing honey locust tree was pruned to show off its graceful branches and airy habit.
"If there is a lone honey locust tree in your hunting area, and it is dropping its fruit pods, then that's where you want to be," McIntyre concluded.
My favorite factoid: Seeds of the honey locust tree are so toughly coated that they will not sprout for gardeners unless the outer layer is mechanically cracked or the seed dipped into sulfuric acid.
We have a honey locust tree with bushels of big rattly seed pods this year.
Russ and I prepared four locations we felt were adequate--two in bedding areas that would require entry two hours prior to daylight, one near a honey locust tree where deer had been scraping up and eating the long black bean pods, and a fourth where two well-used runways converged.
Not 15 yards from it stood a honey locust tree covered with big bean pods.