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Noun1.honor killing - an ancient tradition still sometimes observed; a male member of the family kills a female relative for tarnishing the family image
homicide - the killing of a human being by another human being
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Summary: A young Syrian woman was the victim of an honor crime in the southern city of Tyre Monday after she was stabbed to death by two of her brothers, security sources said.
Geagea pointed out that "the LF bloc had the credit, back in 2009, of eliminating honor crime against women and providing a bill to cancel discrimination between men and women in the crime of adultery.
The case, which activists are calling an honor crime, is once again highlighting the plight of young girls in Yemen, where child marriages and honor killings still occur, CNN reports.
71) I do not argue that every domestic homicide is an honor crime or that every invocation of the heat of passion defense implicates honor.
The study also claims, on the basis of interviews conducted with policemen and the Judiciary, that approximately 80-85% of all honor crime victims are women.
State Department reported that twenty-five percent of honor crime victims in Jordan were killed after a mere 'suspicion' of involvement in an illicit relationship and only fifteen percent were murdered after the family proved any relationship occurred.
However, family council is not a necessary condition for such crimes and this practice of the judges makes it very difficult to prove in an honor crime case.
According to the human rights center, Fadia is the ninth victim of an honor crime in the West Bank and Gaza this year.
In another context, the government is also contemplating to include the penal code whose amended law remains at the Senate few years after the deputies rejected the striking of Article 340 which imposes reduced sentences on honor crime culprits, and that was to be replaced with stricter sentences.