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or Hu·gli  (ho͞o′glē)
A channel, about 240 km (150 mi) long, of the Ganges River in eastern India. The westernmost channel on the Ganges Delta, it connects Kolkata with the Bay of Bengal.


(Placename) a river in NE India, in West Bengal: the westernmost and commercially most important channel by which the River Ganges enters the Bay of Bengal. Length: 232 km (144 miles)


or Hug•li

(ˈhug li)

a river in NE India, in W Bengal: the westernmost channel by which the Ganges enters the Bay of Bengal. 120 mi. (195 km) long.
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Tenders are invited for Manual Operation Including Carrying Out Repair And Routine Maintenance Of Lift Make Otis In Narmada Hoogli Tapti Kaveri Himadri And Certain Blocks At Nofra Under Ge Nw Nofra Colaba Mumbai
Surveillance of drug resistance to anti tuberculosis drugs in districts of Hoogli in West Bengal and Mayurbhanj in Orissa.
For example, aubergines are produced during warmer months in the Hoogli district and Burdwan, as the soil is fertile and well-drained in these areas, and eaten in many different forms.