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n.1.A disease in cattle consisting in inflammation of the stomach by gas, ordinarily caused by eating too much green food; tympany; bloating.
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The disturbed sheep shied and rushed aside trampling the frozen manure with their hooves.
They struggled on for some time longer, nothing being heard but the clatter of hooves striving on the loose stones.
bandage on one of its hinder hooves -- as the artificers and all who
Listen in the north, my boys, there's trouble on the wind; Tramp o' Cossack hooves in front, gray great-coats behind, Trouble on the Frontier of a most amazin' kind, Trouble on the waters o' the Oxus!
I will give thee eight annas, for much money is not picked out of horses' hooves, and it must suffice for many days.
By this time, Billy has become acquainted with The Hoove and is no longer scared of him.
IN the third book in the Ghost Buddy series, Billy Broccolli decides to get a pet for his ghost buddy - aka The Hoove.
The hooves were overgrown forward at the tips and inward from the sides.
The loose chippings have an important use for long-legged ungulates as it helps naturally wear their hooves down and prevents veterinary treatment.
Lucinda Russell will saddle Dancing Amy and Dr Hooves at Musselburgh, having informed the BHA the horses have undergone one of the five procedures of which trainers are henceforth compelled to inform the regulator before a declaration is made.
The hoof capsule from bovine hooves is divided in: wall, sole, heel, heel bulb and white line according to its formation, site and function (Greenough, 2007).