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v. hoo·vered, hoo·ver·ing, hoo·vers
1. Informal
a. To clean (a surface or material) with a vacuum cleaner: hoovered the rug.
b. To remove with a vacuum cleaner. Often used with up: hoovered up the spilled cereal.
2. Slang To consume entirely; devour. Often used with up or down.
Informal To use a vacuum cleaner: needs to hoover before the guests arrive.

[After the Hoover Company, a prominent manufacturer of vacuum cleaners.]
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(Tools) trademark a type of vacuum cleaner
vb (usually not capital)
1. (Tools) to vacuum-clean (a carpet, furniture, etc)
2. (often foll by: up) to consume or dispose of (something) quickly and completely: he hoovered up his grilled fish.


1. (Biography) Herbert (Clark). 1874–1964, US statesman; 31st president of the US (1929–33). He organized relief for Europe during and after World War I, but as president he lost favour after his failure to alleviate the effects of the Depression
2. (Biography) J(ohn) Edgar. 1895–1972, US lawyer: director of the FBI (1924–72). He used new scientific methods to combat crime, including the first fingerprint file
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(ˈhu vər)

1. Herbert (Clark), 1874–1964, 31st president of the U.S. 1929–33.
2. J(ohn) Edgar, 1895–1972, director of the U.S. FBI 1924–72.
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Past participle: hoovered
Gerund: hoovering

I hoover
you hoover
he/she/it hoovers
we hoover
you hoover
they hoover
I hoovered
you hoovered
he/she/it hoovered
we hoovered
you hoovered
they hoovered
Present Continuous
I am hoovering
you are hoovering
he/she/it is hoovering
we are hoovering
you are hoovering
they are hoovering
Present Perfect
I have hoovered
you have hoovered
he/she/it has hoovered
we have hoovered
you have hoovered
they have hoovered
Past Continuous
I was hoovering
you were hoovering
he/she/it was hoovering
we were hoovering
you were hoovering
they were hoovering
Past Perfect
I had hoovered
you had hoovered
he/she/it had hoovered
we had hoovered
you had hoovered
they had hoovered
I will hoover
you will hoover
he/she/it will hoover
we will hoover
you will hoover
they will hoover
Future Perfect
I will have hoovered
you will have hoovered
he/she/it will have hoovered
we will have hoovered
you will have hoovered
they will have hoovered
Future Continuous
I will be hoovering
you will be hoovering
he/she/it will be hoovering
we will be hoovering
you will be hoovering
they will be hoovering
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been hoovering
you have been hoovering
he/she/it has been hoovering
we have been hoovering
you have been hoovering
they have been hoovering
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been hoovering
you will have been hoovering
he/she/it will have been hoovering
we will have been hoovering
you will have been hoovering
they will have been hoovering
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been hoovering
you had been hoovering
he/she/it had been hoovering
we had been hoovering
you had been hoovering
they had been hoovering
I would hoover
you would hoover
he/she/it would hoover
we would hoover
you would hoover
they would hoover
Past Conditional
I would have hoovered
you would have hoovered
he/she/it would have hoovered
we would have hoovered
you would have hoovered
they would have hoovered
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Noun1.hoover - United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932)Hoover - United States industrialist who manufactured vacuum cleaners (1849-1932)
2.Hoover - United States lawyer who was director of the FBI for 48 years (1895-1972)
3.hoover - 31st President of the United StatesHoover - 31st President of the United States; in 1929 the stock market crashed and the economy collapsed and Hoover was defeated for reelection by Franklin Roosevelt (1874-1964)
4.Hoover - a kind of vacuum cleaner
vacuum cleaner, vacuum - an electrical home appliance that cleans by suction
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
Verb1.hoover - clean with a vacuum cleanerhoover - clean with a vacuum cleaner; "vacuum the carpets"
clean, make clean - make clean by removing dirt, filth, or unwanted substances from; "Clean the stove!"; "The dentist cleaned my teeth"
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لة تَنظيف: هوفَرمِكْنَسَةٌ كَهْرُبَائِيَّةيُنَظِّف
aspirateurpasser l’aspirateur
진공 청소기로 청소하다후버 청소기
putekļsūcējstīrīt ar putekļsūcēju
hút bụimáy hút bụi


® [ˈhuːvəʳ]
A. Naspiradora f
B. VTpasar la aspiradora por
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(British)aspirateur m
vt [+ room] → passer l'aspirateur dans; [+ carpet] → passer l'aspirateur sur
to hoover the lounge → passer l'aspirateur dans le salon
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n (Brit) → ˜ Staubsauger m


vt(staub)saugen, Staub saugen; carpet alsoabsaugen
vi (also hoover up)(staub)saugen
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® [ˈhuːvəʳ] (Brit)
1. naspirapolvere m inv
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(ˈhuːvə) noun
a kind of vacuum cleaner.
to clean (a carpet etc) with a vacuum cleaner. She hoovered the carpets.
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مِكْنَسَةٌ كَهْرُبَائِيَّة, يَكْنُسُ بِالـمِكْنَسَةِ الكَهْرُبَائِيَّة vysát, vysavač støvsuge, støvsuger staubsaugen, Staubsauger σκούπα Hoover®, σκουπίζω με ηλεκτρική σκούπα aspiradora, aspirar, pasar la aspiradora imuroida, pölynimuri aspirateur, passer l’aspirateur usisati, usisivač aspirapolvere, passare l’aspirapolvere 掃除機, 掃除機で掃除する 진공 청소기로 청소하다, 후버 청소기 stofzuigen, stofzuiger støvsuge, støvsuger odkurzacz aspirador, aspirar o pó пылесос Hoover®, пылесосить dammsuga, dammsugare ดูดฝุ่น, ยี่ห้อเครื่องดูดฝุ่น elektrik süpürgesi, süpürmek hút bụi, máy hút bụi 吸尘, 吸尘器
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Hoover. Tune the pipes to the tragedy of tallow, the bane of bulk, the calamity of corpulence.
Hoover, loudly breathing defiance to Miss Longnecker.
Hoover, who was forty-five, fat, flush and foolish.
However, Hoover cautions that the two animals that received that material carried gene variants known to render deer less susceptible to prion infections.
Herbert Hoover is a unique figure in American historiography.
Tatiana Mirutenko Hoover Tatiana Mirutenko Hoover, age 27, July 7, 2018, taken from us suddenly.
Edgar Hoover  to collect information on Americans who had committed no crimes.
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