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A crudely built camp put up usually on the edge of a town to house the dispossessed and destitute during the depression of the 1930s.

[After Herbert Clark Hoover.]
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(ˈhu vərˌvɪl)

a collection of huts and shacks housing the unemployed, esp. in the U.S. during the 1930s.
[1930-35; after Herbert Hoover + -ville]
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They meet a farmer grieving the loss of his family, a healer in a traveling revival show and a downtrodden family unable to get out of a makeshift Hooverville. These three pit stops underscore diversity of faith and beliefs, charity and hardship, and all three propel the four vagabond children to a new level of understanding how God works in their lives and in the lives of others, even in times of despair.
Renowned for an endless string of soulful yet socially aware hits, the band will feature Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Born Again, Harvest for the World, What's in a Word, Hooverville, Words, Father, The Bottle and many more.
FDR's forgotten American was an out-of-luck worker stuck between the breadline and a Hooverville whom Roosevelt would rescue through the New Deal and add to the new political coalition he was building.
Opened in 1938, the factory served as one of the biggest employers in a town that, in its heyday, many dubbed Hooverville.
Their string of soulful yet socially aware hits include Forgotten Town, Ideal World, Born Again, Harvest for the World, What's in a Word, Hooverville, Words, Father and The Bottle.
"The Christians were regulars in the charts during the 80s and 90s with a string of hit singles, including Forgotten Town, Hooverville and Ideal World, with their album Colour topping the charts in 1990.
I think!" The major hits, such as Forgotten Town, When The Fingers Point, Hooverville (And They Promised Us The World), Ideal World and Harvest For The World as good as selected themselves, but Garry gave the production team free rein to choose the rest, hence the intriguing selections that are Born Again (the fifth and final single from The Christians album), Happy in Hell's lead single, What's in a Word, the debut's Sad Songs and the Top 20 single, Words.
The Christians took to the main stage to play an acoustic set, with classics like Hooverville and Forgotten Town producing some memorable audience moments.
Fuente: Modificado de Fernandez (??) PAIS DENOMINACION Argentina Villa miseria, villa de emergencia o simplemente villa Brasil Favela Chile Poblacion callampa, pobla', toma, poblaciono campamento Colombia Invasiones, barrio de invasion, barrio marginal, barrio bajo, tugurio Costa Rica Tugurio o precario Cuba Llegaypon Ecuador Suburbio, invasion, barrio marginal o Guasmoen Guayaquil El Salvador Tugurio oehamperio Estados Unidos Hooverville o shanty town.
Holland also took the chance to trial Hooverville (29.03sec), Millbank Stevie (28.88sec) and Riverside Pat (28.82sec).
The legendary soul band, famed for hits such as 'Forgotten Town', 'Harvest for the World', 'Born Again', 'Ideal World' and 'Hooverville,' will be joined by a host of local talent drawn from Northumberland and the North East.