Hop, skip and jump

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a game or athletic sport in which the participants cover as much ground as possible by a hop, stride, and jump in succession.
a short distance.
- Addison.

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There are so many things that can go wrong in a triple jump, what with that tricky and technical hop, skip and jump combination.
Alex MacLennan, the Forestry Commission's recreation and public affairs manager for the North East, said: "Instead of staying cooped up inside, do your family a favour and let them hop, skip and jump through one of our woodlands.
YOUNGSTERS can sprint, hop, skip and jump their way through this forthcoming half-term by taking part in a Mini Olympic session at Cowbridge Leisure Centre.
He rather seems to have booty-shakin' on his mind with this synth hop, skip and jump.
He did so by nailing the biggest hop, skip and jump of his career - a 17.
Harrison Clark Solicitors' managing partner and colleagues from Hazlewoods Accountants and Lloyds Development Capital have raised pounds 8,355 for regional charity Hop, Skip and Jump by taking on the Three Peaks Challenge.
Whether people choose to take the bus instead of the car for a week, dust off a long-forgotten Space Hopper or organise a bike ride, people will be helping the charity help more with every hop, skip and jump.
KIDS can hop, skip and jump their way to discover more about athletics in Birmingham city centre next month.
Wilbekin then took a gigantic hop, skip and jump forward, triple-jumping 36-33/4 -- a foot more than her previous best -- to place third at the state meet.
Despite battling back to fitness to line up in Berlin, Douglas was unable to reach the final eight in the world in the German capital, with his best hop, skip and jump of 16.
The club is now hoping more people will hop, skip and jump in its direction now that its new season has started.