Hop picker

one who picks hops.

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Mr Jones had been working at the Sandhurst Vineyard as a hop picker alongside Mr Little, and had met Diamond there.
Sawbridgeworth was a good place to meet each year, even after I became an itinerant scribbler based elsewhere and Newport and Callaghan took over The Hop Picker in Hackney Road.
Bill's latest book, Hop Picker is about a girl growing up in a small mining village which the former miner describes as different from his own home of New Tredegar.
now, if only they still needed hop pickers, because i have a few overexcited older volunteers...
Hop pickers take a break from their back breaking toil during the hops harvest Courtesy Bromyard and District Local History Society
Hop pickers seeking union representation were confronted by armed soldiers.
Raibmon then tells the story of the Puget Sound hop pickers of the late-nineteenth century and their impact on the expanding population and economy of the State of Washington.
Among them are a pile of stills confiscated by police during Prohibition, a bull standing in front of a Cottage Grove saloon, a pair of young women with their bicycles, Native American hop pickers and a man holding a rifle.
Hop pickers in their "bright, showy calicoes" and with their "incessant song-singing and fun" made a very picturesque sight, as the naturalist John Muir put it.
Ladislav Rychman, director of the Czech smash hit communist-era musical "The Hop Pickers," died in Prague April 1.
St Arnolf of Soissons, the patron saint of hop pickers, who miraculously multiplied barrels of beer in times of need.
An original hop pickers' hut sits in a courtyard; its restored interiors include a working fireplace.