Hop vine

(Bot.) the climbing vine or stalk of the hop.

See also: Hop

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Several plants died in the first year due to wet weather and leafhoppers - small, winged insects that suck juices out of plants--have gnawed their way through more than one hop vine.
The A59 has been closed between Red Cat Lane and Orrell Lane inBurscough, West Lancashire after the crash near the Hop Vine pub at around 11am.
The short version of what happened next is that John Gabriel McCarthy, owner of the building at 12 Crane St., hired Vogelsang to work in the Hop Vine Cafe he operated in the building.
The Merseyside & Cheshire region's winners include the Freshfield Hotel, Formby, the Hop Vine in Burscough; the Clock Face, Prescot, St Helens and Gallaghers, Birkenhead.
uk/pictures/ group/ That just leaves space for a splendid portrait of a barmaid at the Hop Vine, in Burscough, by Eric The Fish - enough to make anyone thirsty!
The second vine, which has been used for centuries is the hop vine, (Humulus lupulus).
Burscough Priory high school band performed outside The Hop Vine pub.
"Many people have never seen a hop vine and it's exciting to experience the intense aroma of a fresh hop bud," says Dustin Watts, vp of sales and marketing.
12 meeting at the Hop Vine Cafe, 12 Crane St., will be for electing officers and a board of directors.
Hops, the dried female flowers of the hop vine, add bitterness that offsets the malt's sweetness.
Five Licensees of Excellence awards were presented at the Scarisbrick Hotel festival to Janice Alty (The Derby Arms, Aughton), Gail Heyes and Fred Hook (The Guest House, Southport), Mike McComb (The Hop Vine, Burscough), George Sourbutts (Barons Bar, Scarisbrick Hotel, Southport) and Craig Downes (Sir Henry Segrave, Southport).
SOUTHBRIDGE - The Hop Vine Cafe opened in October and Honest Town Brewery in March.