Hope Bob

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, Bob Originally Leslie Townes Hope. 1903-2003.
British-born American entertainer. He costarred with Bing Crosby in the popular "Road" films, beginning with Road to Singapore (1940). From World War II to the Gulf War, he entertained US troops overseas.
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At the time of writing, our injury and suspension situation, pre-Burnley, is such that we could only hope Bob Moncur and Supermac hadn't given up their playing registrations, and as an added precaution I'd suggest supporters travelling down to Burnley took their boots with them.
She said that she'll anchor the telecast for ''as many days as they ask me to, but I hope Bob is back tomorrow.
Bob the Great White Hope Bob Hope is rhyming slang for dope.
But I hope Bob Eaton finds time for the story of the journalist who finally encountered John Lennon and son Sean on a bench in Central Park.
I hope Bob doesn't get ill again because I don't think there's anything else left for me to give.
Let's hope Bob accepts the invitation issued by the beleaguered North Sea port of Peterhead to come to the aid of Scotland's stricken fishing industry.
For the sake of GM stockholders, I sure hope Bob Lutz lives a long and productive life, and wants to spend all of his remaining days with the company.
These are things managers can't legislate for - suspension and injuries - but we hope Bob can produce that type of performance week in, week out.