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Noun1.Hopei - a populous province in northeastern China
Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC, Red China - a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world
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and a little hopeI am still astonished that a country can cut off both its legs and think it is a good thing to doOn the day the Brexit vote result was announced I felt like I was no longer welcome in the country I so loved and had made my life in
In cycads, small is a relative concept, as seeds are often 15-50 mm long (Table 2) and seed weights are all relatively large, from 1 to 25 g; Bowenia spectabilis (1.2 to 2.3 g), Macrozamia spiralis (3.2 g), Cycas thouarsii (6.7 g), Encephalartos hildebrandtii (7 g), Macmzamia dyeri (16 g), Lepidozamia hopei (18 g), Macrozamia fraseri (19 g) and Cycas rumphii (25 g) (Seed Information Database; http://data.kew.
The Jidong Peace Preservation Corps (the "East Hopei Army") was a police force comprised of nominally pro-Japanese Chinese paid and armed by the Japanese to patrol the demilitarized zone between Nationalist China and Manchuria.
BaP was detected in the source drinking water collected from stomach cancer prevalent areas of Zanhuang County, HoPei Province, China, at 1.48 to 3.05 ppt (Zhang et al., 1995).
Therefore, China has announced that the successful policy will be continued for one and a half years through the end of 2011 and will be extended to 28 provinces and cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong, Guangdong, Fuzhou, Hopei, Shanxi, Xiamen, Honan, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Kansu, Qinghai, etc.
Herein, we'll look at some ideas for streamlining your cheese department to survive, and maybe even thrive, through the tough times that lie ahead.Rays of HopeI see many bright spots in an otherwise bleak economic forecast for the near future.