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n.1.(Min.) A hydrous phosphate of zinc in transparent prismatic crystals.
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The phosphate coating enriched with a phosphophyllite structure showed small globular crystals with less porosity, whereas a hopeite structure showed coarse crystals with high porosity and comparatively thicker coating.
X-ray diffraction equipment is less apt to be found in the analytical lab of a paint supplier or user, but it commonly is used to identify the different crystalline phosphates produced by the zinc phosphating process, such as hopeite ([Zn.
From Zimbabwe there are two wonderful specimens of kermesite from Que Que, and from Zambia there is a wonderful football-sized specimen of hopeite with large pale yellow crystals.
Many investigators have provided conclusive evidence for the ability of phosphate to immobilise dissolved Pb in contaminated soils through precipitation as fluoropyromorphite, pyromorphite, hydroxypyromorphite, and chloropyromorphite, and as hopeite in the case of Zn (Bolan et al.
In that case, the phosphated layer is essentially composed of hopeite ([Zn.
3) The main crystalline components of zinc phosphate layers are hopeite ([Zn.
These include sicklerite, purpurite, hureaulite, phosphosiderite, strengite, stewartite, eosphorite, robertsite, mitridatite, jahnsite, fairfieldite, hopeite, and pseudomalachite.
An unpublished paper by Mrose, Strunz and Ahlfeld lists hopeite as being among the species Ahlfeld found at Cerro Rico.