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 (hōp′wĕl′, -wəl)
An early Native American culture centered in the Ohio River valley from about the second century bc to the fourth century ad, noted for the construction of extensive earthworks and large conical burial mounds and for its highly developed arts and crafts.

[After the owner of a farm in Ross County, Ohio .]
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(www.armstrongheatingandcooling.com) of Hopewell, Va., is a licensed and specialized HVAC expert that can solve any heating, air conditioning or ventilation issue.
Green Plains (GPRE) announced that it is permanently closing its Hopewell, VA ethanol facility.
AdvanSix's (NYSE:ASIX) planned fourth quarter 2016 turnaround activities will be extended due to additional, unplanned maintenance of its ammonia plant within its Hopewell, VA facility, the company said.
As applied technology manager, North America, for the personal care business of Evonik Corporation (Hopewell, VA) her responsibilities Include global product development and leading regional customer projects.
Praxair Inc., a Danbury-based maker of industrial gases, recently signed a 15-year contract with Osage Bio Products, an affiliate of Glen Allen, Va.-based Osage Bio Energy, for the purchase of carbon dioxide that is produced from Osage's barley-to-ethanol bio-processing operations in Hopewell, Va. The carbon dioxide, a by-product of ethanol fermentation, will be purified and liquefied to produce as much as 450 tons a day from Praxair's new plant, scheduled for start up in the fourth quarter of next year.
Osage's first plant, currently under construction near Hopewell, VA, will be the first commercial scale barley-to-ethanol processing plant in the U.S.
Before coming to Richmond, Shew was publisher of a daily in Hopewell, Va., and ad manager of his hometown daily in Gadsden, Ala.
"Food shoppers today are looking for convenience, safety and sustainability, so we"re making it easy for them to get all-natural portion-controlled seafood that is high in nutritional benefits and doesn"t sacrifice taste."The first-ever packaging concept by Hopewell, Va.- based DuPont Teijin provides a faster, more uniform cooking process for frozen fish, with cooking times reduced by almost 50 percent, according to Dave Pavlick of Internet communications firm Perftech, Inc.
Strickland Debra--DuPont Teijin Films, Hopewell, VA.
Goldschmidt Chemical Co., Hopewell, Va. (804) 541-8658 * PT Direct: 625YD
Moran was born in Hopewell, Va. After graduation from the United States Military Academy at West Point, he was commissioned as a second lieutenant and awarded a bachelor of science degree.