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n.1.A hand basket; also, a dish used by miners for measuring ore.
2.An infant in arms.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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For three summers, several theatre crews have been travelling on a historical sailboat, called 'Hoppet' ('Hope'): it sailed from Saint Petersburg across the Baltic Sea and the channels of Europe (2014), reached Northern Italy, stopped in Sardinia and Malta (2015), and in the summer of 2016 headed towards Greece (where the last performances were scheduled in July).
(16 Wall.) 414, 431 (1872) ("[T]he rule is that inasmuch as the information is in the nature of a criminal proceeding, the allegations must conform strictly to the statute upon which it is founded...."); The Schooner Hoppet, 11 U.S.
HOPPET is an x-space evolution code which provides polarized PDFs for longitudinally polarised evolution up to NLO [30].
Rojo, "A Higher Order Perturbative Parton Evolution Toolkit (HOPPET)," Computer Physics Communications, vol.
As noted above, the word hobbet/-it has two meanings in the OED: first as "a seed-basket" (perhaps a spelling variant of hoppet, separately mentioned by O'Brien but not discussed by him; see more below) and second as "a local measure = 2 1/2 bushels." The two usage quotations given are confined to the second meaning, and, strangely, they do not include the spelling hobbit:
Unlike the GPC (and the EDD), it records nothing of a potential connection to the Welsh, instead speculating that the word is "perh[aps] a phonetic var[iant] of hoppet"--a word listed separately by O'Brien as a potential hobbit source, and intriguingly close in form to hoppettan, the name Theoden initially gives the hobbits in one of the early drafts for Lord of the Rings, which Christopher Tolkien observes means "to leap, jump for joy" in Old English (War 36, 44n28).
Hoppet Design & Construction, the designer and builder, is passionate about design, so the firm used a variety of details that lend the project a highly customized feel.
"I would like to do Australia (where the race is called the "Kangaroo Hoppet"), Reznick said, although that race will require him to become more proficient in the "skating" style of Nordic skiing.