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n.1.A collector of customs, as at Canton; an overseer of commerce.
Hoppo men
Chinese customhouse officers.
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(1.) Komatsu Y, Orita H, Sakurada M, Maekawa H, Hoppo T, Sato K.
Contract awarded for Hoppo farming and fishing village sewage maintenance business cctv survey and waterproof testing service bid guidance
Alongside a picture of himself and Dee smiling, McGregor said: "In the hoppo not there yet" and accompanied the comment with a baby emoji.
Hermann lived with an old Liverpool mariner named Jimmy and his family in the Dingle, and when Hermann died, sometime in the 60s, Jimmy told an apparently farfetched story about his 'old Jerry hoppo' (as he called him).
Hoskin said: "Hoppo is Mr Colwyn Bay for me with the service he has given the club over the years, and he is very popular in the dressing room so I feel he can do a great job for me as my assistant both on and off the field."
Marquee par l'adoption de formes concurrentes d'organisation et de gouvernement, elle fut partagee entre deux institutions distinctes qui dirigerent les populations portugaises et chinoises de la ville: le Senat (Senado da Camara), inspire de la tradition municipale portugaise, etabli avec l'approbation du Vice-roi de l'Inde en 1583 (64), et la Maison Mandarinale (Casa do Mandarim ou Hoppo), instauree au xviieme siecle (65).
Kindai hoppo shi: Ainu minzoku to josei to [Modern history of the northern regions : The Ainu people and women].
"When he was first signed, he was not available to play for us, but we had Stel (Ben Stelmaszek) and Hoppo (Richard Hopkins) playing really well for us.
"Me and Hoppo (the boss) were talking about it and our marketing people got involved and it just kind of snowballed from there.
Business was strictly controlled through close co-operation between the Imperial authorities, represented by the Hoppo and a number of government approved wholesalers called the Hong merchants.
But Hoppo - as he was affectionately named by a film-crew - isn't going to talk about that.