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(Physiology) the practice of chewing food thoroughly and drinking liquids in small sips to aid digestion
[C20: named after Horace Fletcher (1849–1919), American nutritionist]
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Fletcherism, fletcherism

the practice of eating only when hungry and in small amounts, and especially chewing one’s food thoroughly, recommended as an aid to digestion by Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), American dietitian. — Fletcherite, n.Fletcherize, v.
See also: Food and Nutrition
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Horace Fletcher had nothing on me when it came to soda crackers.
On the other hand, if wage slavery were abolished, and I could earn some spare money without paying tribute to an exploiting capitalist, then there would be a magazine for the purpose of interpreting and popularizing the gospel of Friedrich Nietzsche, the prophet of Evolution, and also of Horace Fletcher, the inventor of the noble science of clean eating; and incidentally, perhaps, for the discouraging of long skirts, and the scientific breeding of men and women, and the establishing of divorce by mutual consent."
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It was thought up by US entrepreneur Horace Fletcher who knew a winner when he saw one.