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Noun1.Horatio Nelson - English admiral who defeated the French fleets of Napoleon but was mortally wounded at Trafalgar (1758-1805)Horatio Nelson - English admiral who defeated the French fleets of Napoleon but was mortally wounded at Trafalgar (1758-1805)
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Raising the anagram to the height of a science, he declared that the destiny of every man was written in the words or phrase given by the transposition of the letters of his names and titles; and his patriotism struggled hard to suppress the fact--signal evidence for his theory--that in Horatio Nelson, "honor est a Nilo." Ever since the accession of Charles X., he had bestowed much thought on the king's anagram.
CONSERVATOR and restorer Valerie Kaufmann poses with a wax-work head of Admiral Horatio Nelson in a CT scanner before it is examined in the radiology department at St Thomas' Hospital in London.
CERTAIN things will always give us an awareness of British nationhood - and Horatio Nelson more than anyone created that awareness.
The poem was written in the years after the conflict by priest Horatio Nelson Huggins, who drew on official reports as well as eyewitness reports and local legends.
DIED Ivor Novello, actor and writer, 1951 Horatia Nelson, the illegitimate daughter of Emma Hamilton and Horatio Nelson, 1881.
Just for the fun of it VVGOOGLING a runner Lady Horatia 6.10 Kempton horatia Nelson was the illegitimate daughter of emma hamilton and Lord horatio Nelson. she was born on January 29, 1801, in piccadilly in a house owned by sir William hamilton, emma's husband, when Nelson was at anchor in torbay preparing to sail to the Battle of Copenhagen (news reached him before he set sail).
Haydn's "Lord Nelson Mass" is so nicknamed because it became associated with British Navy Admiral Horatio Nelson, who won the famous 1798 Battle of the Nile against Napoleon.
WHILE expecting every man to do his duty, Horatio Nelson used to spew his duty, a letter confessing his seasickness reveals.
Many also think that the Battle of Waterloo was fought at the London rail terminal, Horatio Nelson captained the French football team in the Nineties and that thousands have never set foot in the sea.
WHEN visiting Portsmouth, I saw HMS Victory, the flagship of Admiral Horatio Nelson. I read his account of his first sea voyage.
ANSWERS: 1 June; 2 The Lord Mayor of London; 3 Barleywood; 4 Aaron; 5 Horatio Nelson; 6 The U2 pilot Gary Powers; 7 Suhaili; 8 St Peter Port; 9 Reg Smythe; 10 Chris Patten.
Seize, burn, or sink; the thoughts and words of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson.