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(həˈreɪ ʃəs, hɔ-, hoʊ-)

(Horatius Cocles) a hero of ancient Roman legend, celebrated for his defense of a bridge over the Tiber against the Etruscans.
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What, thinkest thou, was it that flung Horatius in full armour down from the bridge into the depths of the Tiber?
Jessie returned certain odes of one Horatius Flaccus to the corner, and uttered an exclamation.
The king ordered me to play Horatius and keep the bridge.
Jim and I used to say Horatius together, and it was such fun.
He can see the Tiber, and the locality of the bridge which Horatius kept "in the brave days of old" when Lars Porsena attempted to cross it with his invading host.
Luigi Vampa comes to take us, and we take him -- we bring him back to Rome, and present him to his holiness the Pope, who asks how he can repay so great a service; then we merely ask for a carriage and a pair of horses, and we see the Carnival in the carriage, and doubtless the Roman people will crown us at the Capitol, and proclaim us, like Curtius and the veiled Horatius, the preservers of their country.
THESE words are from a hymn written in 1846 by a clergyman called Horatius Bonar.
Per questo la variabilitAaAaAeA della lingua descritta passo spesso citato da Orazio (Quintus Horatius Flaccus, 65-27 a.
I revelled in the movie's story of striving on against hopeless odds, like Horatius on the bridge, as I suppose most small boys do.
The second return of the traumatized body of the victim is metatheatrical, in the form of the song sung by Valerius and Horatius, 'Did he take fair Lucrece by the toe man?
Quis multa gracilis te puer in Horatius ex Pyrrhae illecebris Rosa, Rendred almost word for tanquam e naufragio word without Rhyme according enataverat, cujus amore to the Latin Measure, as near irretitos, affirmat esse as the Language will permit.