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A drink made of ground chufa, rice, or almonds combined with water, sweetened with sugar, and often flavored with cinnamon, usually served cold.

[Spanish, ultimately from Latin hordeum, barley (probably via Mozarabic *orǧata; akin to Old Italian orzata and Medieval Latin hordeātum, sweet drink made from barley).]
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Good seasonal flavored milk drinks, too, like the cinnamon-and-rice-infused horchata latte we enjoyed over the holidays.
After the walk back down, we sat outside one of the many cafes in the city, and enjoyed a glass of horchata, a cold drink made of ground almonds and cinnamon, typical of the region.
He once tried planting the fast-disappearing bean from which the Spanish summer drink horchata is grown.
Te he invitado a cafe pero no se si eres mas de horchata.
He crecido rodeada de cientificos conocedores de la fisica cuantica: esa gente te cuenta como este vaso de horchata puede realmente no estar aqui o que esas macetas de atras pueden ser otra cosa y solo convertirse en lo que parecen cuando poso mis ojos sobre ellas.
In addition to Salty Dulce, they offer Horchata, Chocolate Horchata, Mango Chili, and Spiced Coffee.
Guiados por Reforestamos Mexico un grupo de mujeres del Ejido Tres Garantias, en el sur de Quintana Roo crearon la empresa Selva viva 3G que hoy fabrica te de hoja de ramon, sustituto de cafe sin cafeina, harina y preparado en polvo de horchata, con alto valor nutrimental y propiedades antiestres.
De acuerdo con los registros, la administracion anterior facturaba compras por hasta 250 mil pesos mensuales para alimentar a los deportistas, pero estos solo recibian sopa, arroz, huevos y agua de jamaica u horchata.
It's free to enter and then you can buy from the likes of Bournville Waffle Company (below), The Flying Cows (burgers), Cafe Horchata, The Jabberwocky (gourmet toasties) and Indian Rasoi.
Among those set to tantalise the tastebuds are Canoodle, the Indian Rasoi, Shake That Ting, Street Souvlaki, Cafe Horchata, Big Daddies Diner, Manila Munchies, Chevaux 65 and Victoria Creperie.
Even the support Pacheco receives falls short of what he needs; he sells horchata (a milky drink) on the street to make up the difference.