Horizontal engine

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one the piston of which works horizontally.

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In 1904, sensing the enormous market for stationary engines, Cushman introduced a 2-cycle horizontal engine. "Rated at 3 hp, it used a closed cylinder jacket as did most engines of 1904," Wendel notes.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 26, 2015-Pratt & Whitney opens horizontal engine assembly line to speed production
One notable horizontal engine that has survived is in Cambridge's Cheddars Lane Museum of Technology--the Davey Tandem Compound Differential.
Subaru have been one of the best exponents of the horizontal engine in recent years and have now moved into diesel power.
Subaru has been one of the best exponents of the horizontal engine in recent years and has now moved into the important world of diesel power.
The Impreza is a quirkier machine with it's horizontal engine and four-wheel drive.
To allow the 1B20V engine to be a direct substitute for its spark-ignition rivals, Hatz has developed a flange pattern on the sump which incorporates those of the competition as well as bolt holes from the standard horizontal engine timing cover for standard Hatz add-on assemblies.
Mick Ingram, Cedarville, Illinois, showed a 3 hp horizontal engine built by Root & Vandervoort Engineering Co., East Moline, Illinois.
This giant was widely used in the industry until it was superseded by the more modern horizontal engine design.
The horizontal engine was mounted on top of the "boiler" in approved steam engine-style.
In the horizontal engine, the pistons move parallel to one another, sparking at the same time.