Horizontal force

(Physics) the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic force.

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The main aim of this paper is to study the effect of the magnetic field on the horizontal force applied by the fluid on the disks.
The Graph was plotted from the above tabulated readings of horizontal force and vertical force for different materials (like glass, mild steel, wood etc) and different shapes like circle, triangle and square.
15] found that the order magnitude of total force exerted by internal soliton was the same as that exerted by a surface wave, and the maximum total horizontal force caused by an internal wave amounted to 37.
Horizontal force components in the plane of motion and angular displacement of the linkage assembly were used to calculate the radial stiffness of the brace.
Heel strike Rear wheel touches down and begins rotating backward, redirecting the user's weight to a mostly horizontal force.
In the same way the shearing stress is calculated (t) horizontal force (H) is divided by constant area (t = H/[A.
INI]), and the instant when the horizontal force became lower than 4N (takeoff).
The variables included in the tests were: size and shape of the corbel, amount of primary reinforcement, concrete strength, ratio of shear span-to-effective depth and ratio of horizontal force to the vertical force.
Horizontal force F' as produced by ship motion at speed [v.
5(b); if a horizontal offset displacement of 20 mm is chosen, the horizontal force [F.