Horizontal force

(Physics) the horizontal component of the earth's magnetic force.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is proposed that the vertical load is primarily supported by the central pile, whereas the horizontal force and bending moment are primarily supported by the side piles through the combination of a reasonable layout of the piles, a change in the inclination angle, and the length of the piles.
The variables included in the tests were: size and shape of the corbel, amount of primary reinforcement, concrete strength, ratio of shear span-to-effective depth and ratio of horizontal force to the vertical force.
Ignoring the towers' longitudinal displacement under eccentric load, the excursion of the side tower saddle is 0.865 m in the side span direction and the main cable's horizontal force is 24158.19 kN calculated by the traditional method, which are 0.858 m and 24174.97 kN calculated by the present work.
Horizontal force F' as produced by ship motion at speed [v.sub.y] in Y direction (abeam) could be calculated as follows:
5(b); if a horizontal offset displacement of 20 mm is chosen, the horizontal force [F.sub.x] becomes virtually position independent.
Avoid grab bars with suction cups and make sure that when installed they can resist a vertical and horizontal force of 250 pounds.
(6,7) A monoplane occlusal scheme reduces the horizontal force components because the direction of forces between zero degree teeth in centric and eccentric positions is essentially vertical.
The relative wind striking the side of the vertical and top of the horizontal stabilizers generates some horizontal force on the airplane tail, pushing it away from the intended turn direction like a weather vane.
Speed fins, which mount to a pivoting, spring-loaded housing system, work to compensate and adjust the vertical and horizontal force of an arrow throughout the entire arrow launch to provide perfect guidance without interference.
It is not passion versus reason, but passionate reason; it "is not a horizontal force connecting bodies with bodies but a vertical power, connecting gods and men."
The 3D model of the assembly is constrained on the upper face of fibula bone and subjected to two forces, vertical force of 150 N and horizontal force of 50 N.
The total magnitude of the force multiplied by the cosine of its angle with the horizon calculates the horizontal force. Conversely, the total magnitude of the force multiplied by the sine of the angle with the horizon will calculate the vertical force.