Horizontal plane

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(Descriptive Geometry) a plane parallel to the horizon, upon which it is assumed that objects are projected. See Projection. It is upon the horizontal plane that the ground plan of the buildings is supposed to be drawn.

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One eye was fully twice the diameter of the other, and an inch above the horizontal plane of its tiny mate.
It took but an instant, however, for me to regain the levers, and with the roof barely fifty feet above I turned her nose once more into the horizontal plane and headed her again for the black mouth of the shaft.
He arranged the coils carefully in his left hand and the noose in his right, and then he took a position with each foot on one of two branches that lay in about the same horizontal plane and with his back pressed firmly against the stem of the tree.
On these occasions its head is invariably placed downwards; and its wings are expanded in a horizontal plane, instead of being folded vertically, as is commonly the case.
Two men with electric drills driven from the dynamos aboard the Toreador drilled two holes four feet apart in the face of the cliff and in the same horizontal planes. The holes slanted slightly downward.
The PMV contour (El-Baialy, E.M., 2010) at a horizontal plane covering the whole station area is shown in Figure 8.
CTC International has introduced a smaller version of its CS1224 "clamshell" splicer, engineered for nonstop packaging and converting applications.The smaller version, the CS1214, is 36" long and can accommodate two full 14" diameter rolls.The CS1214 features CTC's clamshell mechanism, which opens 90 degrees into a horizontal plane, providing a flat work table on which to easier prep the splice.Two unwind shafts for the supply rolls are located at the bottom of the machine close to the floor, minimizing material handling during roll loading.
Direct indoor solar radiation through windows is computed from the window solar factor, SF, and from the direct solar intensity reaching the window, [I.sub.b], which in turn can be expressed as a function of the direct solar intensity reaching a horizontal plane [I.sub.bh] (weather data):
The materials move through the Air Shoot in a near horizontal plane with little change in elevation--ideal for spaces where minimal vertical height poses equipment and conveying obstacles.
"We were intrigued by the sandfish lizard's wedge-shaped head that forms an angle of 140 degrees with the horizontal plane, and we thought its head might be responsible for or be contributing to the animal's ability to maneuver in complex environments," he said.
For best possible viewing angle, the stem can be adjusted 180 degree in the vertical plane and the display housing can be adjusted 180 degree in the horizontal plane. It provides a full 360 degree rotation.
And, presumably, social intercourse on a horizontal plane. If you get my drift.