Horn maker

a maker of cuckolds.

See also: Horn

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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After leaving Schilke Bob met and became friends with horn maker and IHS Honorary Member Walter Lawson in Maryland.
Do you know if you are the youngest repairman and horn maker? I'm unaware of anyone else your age who's building their own horns and starting their own repair business.
Here I should explain that Lorenzo (Larry) Sansone was a New York City horn maker and Principal Horn of the New York Symphony.
But to visit with Dennis Brain at the workshop of the famous horn maker Carl Geyer--Wow!--what horn player would not want to be a fly on that wall!
You're in the audience of a Sarah Willis Horn Hang with Terry Johns, and he jokes about Maurice Murphy mentioning that he played at the Royal Wedding, to which he replied, "Well I played at Darth Vader's funeral." You stand in a room full of more than a dozen different makes of horns (natural and valve), pick them up, play them, and then ask the horn maker why they made the horn that way.
Lowell Greer has received critical acclaim and international recognition as an orchestral hornist, chamber musician, soloist, educator, and horn maker. He had many horn teachers, including Ernani Angelucci of the Cleveland Orchestra, then studied with John Barrows at the University of Wisconsin and in Chicago with Helen Kotas, Frank Brouk, Dale Clevenger, and Ethel Merker.
I had to admit it was rather counterintuitive, but I had good reason to be optimistic as my new horn was being made by master horn maker Daniel Rauch.
Punto, along with the horn duettists of the Oettingen-Wallerstein court, Carl Turrschmiedt (1753-1797), and Johann Palsa (1754-1792), inspired the French horn maker Lucien-Joseph Raoux to make silver horns of Turrschmiedt's design in 1781.
Duerk Horns * Horn maker, Germany Great advice on equipment and outstanding customer service.
Mark Veneklasen was a visionary horn maker. The importance of his contributions to the horn and his dedication to hornists is not widely known today.
As a conscientious horn maker, I want the buyer to enjoy his investment for a very long period.
Exhibitors included the horn maker Cornford and Romera Brass mouthpieces.