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a.1.Composed largely of hornblende; resembling or relating to hornblende.
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Small quantities of either clinopyroxene or hornblendic amphibole may occur as an additional phenocryst phase.
Study of three representative thin sections reveals that the nepheline syenite essentially consists of alkali feldspar (54-57%), nepheline (14-16%), hornblendic amphibole (6-9%), sphene (5-6%), plagioclase (4-5%) and aegirine augite (4-5%).
All the samples with hornblendic amphibole come from near plutons (sample 2 from near Chisholm Brook granodiorite; sample 6 from near the Spruce Brook Pluton, sample 10 from the Huntington Mountain Pluton, and sample 12 from the cluster of Devonian plutons/aureoles near Gabarus Bay (Fig.