Horned grebe

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With much open water, waterfowl were plentiful: greater white-fronted goose, 1; pink-footed goose, 1 (new species for the count); snow goose, 1; Canada goose, 2,440; mute swan, 14; wood duck CW (seen during count week but not on count day); gadwall cw; American wigeon, 1; American black duck, 55; mallard, 786; northern pintail, 1; green-winged teal, 9; ring-necked duck, 28; greater scaup, 58; lesser scaup, 12 (new high); white-winged scoter, 1; bufflehead, 10; common goldeneye, 106; Barrow's goldeneye, 1; hooded merganser, 355 (new high); common merganser, 96; American coot, 2; wild turkey, 226 (new high); common loon, 9; horned grebe, 4.
In addition to documentation and probable description, the authors provide interesting vignettes on times and cultures, traditions past--such as remarks from old market hunters that Pied-Billed Grebe and Horned Grebe were actively marketed and considered "excellent" table fare.
A turkey vulture flying once more, its injured wing fully healed; a skunk no longer limping with a badly injured paw; a horned grebe swimming again after being frozen in the ice; each raises the spirits of people involved in its care.