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 (hôr′ə-lō′jē-əm, hŏr′-)
A constellation in the Southern Hemisphere near Hydrus, Eridanus, and Reticulum.

[Latin hōrologium, horologe; see horologe.]
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n, pl -gia (-dʒɪə)
1. (Horology) a clocktower
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) Also called: horologion (in the Eastern Church) a liturgical book of the offices for the canonical hours, corresponding to the Western breviary
[C17: from Latin; see horologe]


n, Latin genitive Horologii (ˌhɒrəˈləʊdʒɪaɪ)
(Astronomy) a faint constellation in the S hemisphere lying near Eridanus and Hydrus
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