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Footage posted online showed a convoy of six vehicles following a horse and cart race on the A189 in Northumberland.
Bonny Lee, who had a horse and cart and was arrested twice for riding his horse bareback through the town, and Admiral North was a tatter (rag and bone man) who pushed a pram.
ON THE afternoon of May 28, 1913, Mr Kay of 4 Water Street was driving a horse and cart down Market Street, Birkenhead.
THREE people were taken to hospital after their horse and cart was hit by a car in Worcestershire.
Of course there was always the rag an' bone man to be heard with his horse and cart, shouting out whatever it is that rag an' bone men shout to let everyone know they are about.
Summary: A woman has died after she was run over by a horse and cart at a country fair in Suffolk.
A womAn badly hurt when a runaway horse and cart ploughed into a country fair crowd died yesterday.
Rory Tompsett, based in Hawarden, North Wales, has turned back the clock and swapped his van for a horse and cart.
After paying LE2,500 to the district's head thief, the arbagi got his horse and cart back.
He came out of the pub and spent some time wondering why the horse could not move, of course with the railings in between horse and cart, he couldn't.
You had to leave the horse and cart on the main road and pull the milk up the groves and side roads on a sledge.
The theme of this year's competition is Roots, which has been incorporated into the village's display through a horse and cart feature on the Kings Drive/Speke Road junction reflecting Woolton's roots in the sandstone quarrying industry.