Horse breaker

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one employed in subduing or training horses for use.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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That's because Jamie is a horse breaker and pre-trainer, while his McGee Equine business also provides a rest and recuperation facility for older horses.
He was a superb horseman and gained a good reputation as a horse breaker. He rode for many years for Clem Gardner and recalled "The Gardner Ranch became my second home."
Steffani Jones and Ruth Ioan on Ty Hen farm cobs with New Zealand rancher and horse breaker Graham Kenny Picture: J EURON JONES
Robert Morris (48), horse breaker, of Lapworth, pleaded guilty to stealing a cheque for pounds 150 from his employer William Barnes, on December 22 last year.
Gordon was so wild as a youth that his father sent him from England to South Australia, where he became a horse breaker and gained a reputation as a fine steeplechase rider.
Before there was Casey the trainer, there was Casey the punter, the breeder, the horse breaker, the owner and, coming as he did from a farming background, there has always been Casey the farmer.
Rudd worked as a horse breaker, stockman, and drover before going to Brisbane, where he became a clerk and began to write poems and sketches for local journals.
Coquelle has been travelling with polo families, trainers, breeders and horse breakers, who have formed a tribe, whose journeys never stop.
The Horse Breakers is a fascinating and, at times, disturbing study of the methods man has used to capture and train the horse since earliest times, leading to its elevation from a prehistoric source of food to that of the valuable blue-bloods who take centre stage at Newmarket this week.