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breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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Farmer and "respected" horse breeder Evan Lloyd Evans, 69, denies causing unnecessary suffering and failing to meet the needs of animals and is standing trial at Caernarfon Magistrates Court.
However, the dedicated horse breeder's elation soon turned to despair as his highly regarded bay gelding collapsed and died of a heart attack in the winners' enclosure.
Away from showbusiness, he's written several sci-fi novels, recorded a number of much-criticised albums and is a champion horse breeder. Love life: Divorced from Gloria Rand and Marcy Lafferty.
After spending eight years as governor of California, the 63-year-old muscle man will be starring in 'Cry Macho', a film about an alcoholic horse breeder whose wife and child have been killed - without a robot in sight.
The horse breeder said: "Everybody's been talking about the rescue and about the story in the Daily Post.
A HORSE breeder claims low-flying military jets killed her precious Arabian stallion, which starred in ads for Lloyds TSB.
He was described by his solicitor, Charlton Carr, as a "a self-employed builder, as well as owning a business as a horse breeder, and having interests in a hairdressing salon and a gymnasium."
Horse breeder Maisey Watson is celebrating the birth of what she believes is the world's smallest mule.
Next to her were her close friends Sarah and William Farish who is a horse breeder and the former US ambassador to Britain.
SUSPENDED: Horse breeder Rock faces a court hearing later in the year
Yvonne Buchtrup, 30, daughter of horse breeder John Long, died tragically in May last year along with her two year-old daughter Ella, while they were travelling by car back to her home in Norway.
This touching documentary follows Clwyd's battle to keep his horses, and the reasons behind the former award-winning horse breeder living in such squalor.