Horse run

(Civil Engin.) a device for drawing loaded wheelbarrows up an inclined plane by horse power.

See also: Horse

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
One of my greatest faults was that of letting his horse run away, and go down to his father-in- law's farm, which was about five miles from St.
If successful, this would be the first year guitarist Wood, 71, will have a horse run in the Grand National.
But you just have to keep calm and let the horse run for a while until you can turn it back around."
"I'll happily watch a horse run around a pasture, I'll even run with him but I hate riding horses.
``It is a different type of nerves watching your horse run because you have no control over it and it is a great thrill when they win.''
Until then, most racing groups, with some members owning no more than a nail that went into the hoof, were almost content to trail around the minor tracks to see their horse run in low-grade handicaps.
Agent Barry Silkman was at Southwell on transfer deadline day to see his horse run but with a quick pop into the racecourse office and use of the fax machine the deal was done - although the claret and blue fans will be hoping for better than the fifth place which the aptly named Only Ten Per Cent managed that afternoon.
Most of the courses have someone at the entrance to the owners' and trainers' stand and at least you can watch your horse run.
In which race did the horse run at last season's Cheltenham Festival?
Meanwhile, on the second day of an Old Bailey kidnap trial, Judge Jeremy Roberts QC adjourned the case for 24 hours so he could watch his horse run at Ascot.
"I went over to see the horse run at Punchestown and the price shot up after he went well, but we still bought him," said Wichester-based Powell.
It depends what the handicapper does, the state of the ground, whether the horse runs best going to the left or the right, whether it likes going uphill or is better on the flat, how far the horse travelled, whether the weather conditions were different.