n.1.(Bot.) A West Indian tree (Calliandra latifolia) with showy, crimson blossoms.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A planning statement by Willacy Horsewood Architects said "lots of glass" would be used in the proposed apartments with "modern cladding".
However, Helen has secured alternative space on the complex in a building owned by architects Willacy Horsewood Partnership and Haltec Engineers.
One of the key issues there is to analyze the specific effects of trade policies by introducing dummy variables, namely FT[A.sub.ijt], to indicate the existence of a regional trade agreement between countries and In our model, the impacts of the formation of SAFTA can be engulfed by following the Vinerian specification of integration effects with an extension of three different sets of FTA dummy variables representing trade creation and diversion effects in terms of export and import, as proposed by Carrere (2006), Martinez-Zarzoso, Nowak-Lehmann, and Horsewood (2009), and so forth.
Natasha Luther-Jones (partner, Leeds), led the DLA Piper team with support from Wolfram Distler (partner, Frankfurt), Sandra Gaidies (senior associate, Frankfurt), Robert Hofbauer (counsel, Frankfurt), James Wood-Robertson (senior associate, Leeds), Laura Gordon (senior associate, Leeds) and Rosie Horsewood (associate, Leeds).
Stuart Horsewood, 66, has ran 118 marathons in over 20 countries and has no intention of stopping.
Ashley Neil Horsewood, 21, of no fixed address who admitted all three robberies and was described as the ringleader was jailed for six years eight months.
We would also like to thank Nicholas Horsewood, Annamaria Lusardi, Olivia Mitchell, and two anonymous referees for useful comments.
at A report by architects Willacy Horsewood says: "The proposed development allows for residents to choose their preferred standard of accommodation and also the level of care which they need to receive.
In Afrikaans it is called perdepisboom but it has the more elegant name of Horsewood (Clausena anisata) in English.